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Enjoy your life while our team of trusted and qualified Personal Support Workers helps to ease the burdens along the way.

Our team is available a variety of times, we offer ongoing services, and occasional visits, with no obligation, or long-term contract. We help you make more free time so you can enjoy your life!

“We have had KPS workers for about a year. All PSW’s have been caring, dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable. I feel confident leaving my husband in their care when I have to go out. I would recommend Patrick and other members of Kingston Personal Workers.

Patrick has even shown me many computer tips and gone above and beyond in many household chores.” – Donna H. Kingston, Ontario


Donna H.

Patrick and Jen became part of our mother’s life in November 2016. Patrick came highly recommended and Jen has now joined our family! She has been wonderful with our mother, improving her day to day life immensely.

They chat, listen to music, read the paper and laugh together. Jen is dedicated and very reliable.

She is a very important part of keeping our mother safely and happily in her own home.

Liz R.

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