Foot Care

Put your best foot forward!

Kingston Personal Support works with a licensed nail technician to offer a variety of services including a personal assessment of nails & feet, toenail trimming & filing, and foot massage that promotes circulation. These services are available to clients of all ages in their residence or facility.

Assessment and treatment of:

  • calluses,
  • corns,
  • ingrown toenails,

Advice on how to:

  • prevent and care for calluses, corns,
  • toenail and foot conditions,
  • and more.

As we get older foot and nail health becomes especially important to maintain your independence. Help your feet last a lifetime.

Keep your feet happy and healthy with our foot care service by a licensed nail technician.

Did you know?

Most of us take our feet for granted but, our feet are vital to health and mobility. Carrying us an average of 184,000 km in a lifetime!

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